Get the Photos Others Can't

Michael Freeman
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Getting the best possible photo is not a game of chance – there are proven methods and innovative approaches that the professional photographer uses to succeed. From Freeman’s decades of reportage experience, he has developed proven methods for going beyond where tourists stop, and delivering the photographs that make the cover. Get the Photos Others Can’t uses five ‘nodes’ or guiding principles, in various combinations, to elucidate each particular method of access:
Right Place, Right Time – train yourself in the art of anticipation
Hearts & Minds – understand the importance of people skills
Immersion – involve yourself fully in your subject
Deep Learning – research and reflect
Left Field – take an unexpected direction to find a new angle.

With examples from Freeman’s own archive of images, as well as from iconic photographers including Weegee, Cindy Sherman, Guy Bourdin, W. Eugene Smith and Garry Winogrand, the secrets shared in this book will let you find your own modus operandi for overcoming the obstacles between you and the shot, so you can bring home your own world-class images.

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