A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

George R.R. Martin
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A century before A GAME OF THRONES, two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros...
A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS compiles the first three official prequel novellas to George R.R. Martin's ongoing masterwork, A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.
Almost a century before A Game of Thrones, two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros...
In an age when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne, and recollections of the last dragon have not yet passed from living memory, a naive but courageous hedge knight, Ser Duncan the Tall, towers above his rivals - in stature if not experience.
Tagging along with him is his diminutive squire, a boy called Egg, whose true identity must be kept hidden: for in reality he is Aegon Targaryen, and one day he will be king. Improbable heroes though they be, great destinies lie ahead for Dunk and Egg; as do powerful foes, royal intrigue, and outrageous exploits.

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Autor / Author George R.R. Martin
Tytuł / Title A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
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Wydawca / Publisher Harper Collins Publ. UK
Rok wydania / Published in year 2018
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