Read This! Level 1 Student's Book

Daphne Mackey
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Read This! is a four-book reading series designed for adult and young adult ESL students at the high beginning to intermediate levels. Read This!, Level 1 contains fifteen fascinating stories relating to the fields of Communication, Technology, Mathematics, Business, and Engineering. For example, students read about a novelist in Japan who wrote a novel on her cell phone, how music and mathematics are connected, and how the richest woman in the world made her fortune by recycling trash. These non-fiction stories are written in an accessible narrative style and are appropriate for high beginning to low intermediate-level students. Illustrated with attractive color photos, this low-level reading book is a perfect introduction for students who need to begin reading content-rich texts.

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Autor / Author Daphne Mackey
Tytuł / Title Read This! Level 1 Student's Book
Wydawca / Publisher Cambridge University Press
Rok wydania / Published in year 2010
Wymiary / Size 20.3x25.4
Liczba stron / Number of pages 136
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