The Rogue Crown Book Three The Five Crowns of Okrith

A.K. Mulford
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The action moves west in the third instalment of A.K. Mulford's swashbuckling, swoonworthy epic fantasy series, the Five Crowns of Okrith, as young fae warrior Bri investigates the murder of her queen while protecting the beautiful princess she just might be falling for...Determined to unmask the truth behind her queen's murder, Briata Catullus sets out to defeat the witch hunters and keep her princess from their clutches. But when she arrives at the Western Court, things are even worse than she feared among the fae. She is greeted by secret plots and scheming courtiers, an inconvenient prophecy and a princess who does not wish to be saved by any one, much less Bri.However, as the threat of the witch hunters grows, the two find they must work together if they want to survive. But Bri is determined to forge her own path and not allow for distraction - even if that distraction happens to be a princess.Bri has a duty to the crown, a duty to the Western Court, and a duty to her destiny to fulfil...but what about the duty to her heart?

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Rodzaj (nośnik) / Type of product książka / book
Dział / Department Książki i czasopisma / Books and periodicals
Autor / Author A.K. Mulford
Tytuł / Title The Rogue Crown Book Three The Five Crowns of Okrith
Język / Language angielski
Wydawca / Publisher HarperCollins Publishers UK
Rok wydania / Published in year 2022
Rodzaj oprawy / Binding type Miękka
Wymiary / Size 13.0x20.0
Liczba stron / Number of pages 368
Ciężar / Weight 0,328 kg
ISBN 9780008596316 (9780008596316)
EAN/UPC 9780008596316
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